Destillery Úhřice, Czech Republic

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The Úhřice distillery is located in the same village, which is part of the town of Sedlec-Prčice, 
75 km south of Prague in Czech Republic. 

The distillery was founded in 1901 instead of the original brewery. It was used to process agricultural 
grain products, potatoes as raw materials for the production of raw alcohol.

After 1990, the distillery was privatized and used to produce alcohol until approximately 2003.
After that the distillation of alcohol was stopped and the distillery began to deteriorate.

In 2014 the distillery was purchased by the current owner, who commenced a complete reconstruction, 
including replacement and modernization of the technology. 
Since 2019 production has been started.

The distillery produces high quality rum distillate

The current capacity of the distillery is approx. 300,000 liters of absolute alcohol per year.

The distillery is operated by Nowa-Merán s.r.o., Company ID: 05120292 based in Uhřice 25, 257 91 Sedlec-Prčice.

Tax warehouse operator registration number CZ0010208S000
Tax warehouse registration number CZ1610208S001

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contakt: Grigorij Vdovičenko tel. 774 563 373 e-mail:
provided by: Nowa-Merán s.r.o., IČ. 05120292